Get Connected

Walking into a Church, looking at the back of someone else’s head for an hour, and filing out of a building of strangers just like a theater after a play or film, is not what Church is supposed to be like! We want to be a place where you can truly connect with others, find friendship, community, strength, and encouragement, so we try to help everyone at Perry Hall to find connections.

You might start at our Coffee Connection before and after each Morning Worship hour, where you can enjoy some light refreshments and meet a friend you haven’t met yet.

After our second service, on the first three Sunday’s of each month, you can connect with others at our Pancake¬†Connection, where you can meet and eat in a friendly atmosphere with other families. ¬†You might join a class, serve with others in a ministry, or best, join a small group that meets regularly for fellowship in a more intimate home setting. Let us know if you are interested in starting or joining a small group, and we will make sure to “connect” you!

Contact Fred Walker at the church office 410-256-8880 or