Small Groups

Small-Group Ministries at Perry Hall Baptist Church


The Small-Groups Ministry Team wants to help everyone at in our church family find and be a part of an active small group. We believe small groups are the key to connecting in a biblical way with other members at Perry Hall Baptist Church. A small group provides healthy fellowship in a community marked by Christian love and oneness. Small groups can help you to “grow up” as a Christian, including helping you discover and learn to use your spiritual gifts.

  • Do you desire to become more like Christ?
  • Do you want to connect more deeply with other believers in our church family?
  • Do you want to grow in prayer, Bible study, service, support and accountability?

If so, then Perry Hall Baptist Church’s small-groups ministry is for you!

It’s easy to get lost in a crowd—to feel lonely even though you may be surrounded by worshippers on a given Sunday. That’s why Perry Hall Baptist Church is starting a small-groups ministry. We want everyone to have the opportunity to be known and cared for and to find their niche in ministry. People grow faster spiritually in a caring, interactive group where they can feel free to ask their real questions and sense the support of the group.

The small group is as much “church” as the larger convening of believers. Jesus’ ministry was in small groups as well as large.  All of the “one another” commands in Scripture (love one another; pray for one another; be kind to one another) can only be truly obeyed and experienced in a small group.

There are several small groups of Perry Hall Baptist Church people that meet throughout the week in various places and at various times. Their leaders/coordinators are all volunteers—people who love to help others grow as Disciples of Christ.  Also new groups are forming all the time.

Perry Hall Baptist Church’s small-group ministry team seeks to:

Launch new small groups at Perry Hall Baptist Church for those who would like to participate—especially for new and recent members.

Link those who are looking for a certain type of small group with one that is open for new members.

Give Lift to existing small groups by offering training in group dynamics, disciple-making in small groups, and leadership development.


If you’d like to get involved with a small group at Perry Hall Baptist Church, e-mail Fred Walker at